Handmade and one of a kind in 18K gold and diamonds with individually sourced colored stones, the CE SOIR Collection was made for tonight and every night.




A place to hold things dear to you, the Cage Collection is a literal interpretation, encasing precious pearls and now vivid colored cabochon stones in 18K gold and diamonds.




Like the precious metal itself, the Gold Collection exudes radiance, natural beauty, and timelessness. From curving cuffs with inlaid diamonds to classic vintage chains incorporating elements of the unexpected, this collection uniquely captures the essentials of adornment for a style that is anything but ordinary. 




Inspired by one's internal compass, The Star used in the signature collection serves as a beautiful reminder of self awareness and love. Navigating us through life's journeys and thoughtfully placed onto each piece as a beautiful reminder anchoring the present. 











Engaged is as unique as your love. Jordan Alexander brides have options spanning from ethereal signature motif settings to streamlined and modern baguette diamond orbit bands. 




We like our pearls like we like our collectors: Off the cuff and unexpected. Jordan Alexander is proud to offer pearls strung in ombre, caged, and wrapped in yards upon yards of 18K gold chain.