“Art matters.”

This is Theresa Bruno’s credo and the lens through which she creates her jewelry. Craftsmanship is essential and noticeably present in every Jordan Alexander piece. The uniqueness of the collection stems from the fact that all of the materials are fashioned as objects of art, intention and beauty.

From precious metals to unique findings to expertly cut, hand-faceted gemstones, each piece is entirely hand made, and therefore one of a kind. 

As an artist first and a designer second, Theresa studied music at The Juilliard School.  It was there she learned an appreciation for the essential balance between free form and discipline in art. 

Inspired by heritage pieces, such as her grandmother’s pearls, Theresa takes the accepted classics and adds a feminine and contemporary twist; a touch of contrast, a pop of color, an unexpected reimagining of gold. With each twist,  originality and meticulous attention to detail and design remain hallmarks of Jordan Alexander. 

The brand was established in 2010, and has since attracted a devoted clientele, celebrity wearing and industry accolades from around the world; many of which acknowledge the designer's unique ability to create modern and sophisticated jewelry that sets gemstones free and, at times, in motion.